Lots of things going on lately. Some of them stand out stronger than others, those being a terrible cold with whom I've been struggling for the last 2 weeks, an insane urge to play my drums and trip away, paperwork and bureaucratic processes regarding M. Laurent and the latest wave (flood?) of memories.
It's been a fine time lately, very busy at times, quite introspective at others. Been regrouping and setting up in fresh places all the values, priorities, visions and goals. I feel strong and confident, also creative and productive. I've been feeling this constant 'bum bum' sensation in the back of my soul, like a propeller pushing me to no place in particular other than forward, ahead, adelante. And I like it!
I have plenty of homework and the most difficult part is finding some time to do it but I'm doing my best to free up some space so I can sit down and do my very own 'chores'.
The COW is coming along great. Todd is doing a magnificent job giving to the music a vivid colour and much more depth and richness. The sleeve art is also beginning to mould into a neat being. Very pleased with the whole thing. Finally!
Stone In is getting better everyday. It's very hard to try and explain the fullness and rejoice it produces. Also, lots of things going on with it. Plenty of material recorded: audio, video, graphics, and its all very very good. In fact, I'm kind of amazed. And overall, its so fun to stone-in...
Getting back into photography as well, after a long period of lameness and shallow clicking. At the end, decided upon a neat Sony A200 which gives me enough room and tools to do my visual tripping. Oh, glorious depth of field, how I've missed you!
Well, I guess that's all for now of my randomness. I'd better go back to bed with Chicken before she goes medieval on my ass for not coming to sleep...

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