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Two days ago was my 38th birthday. Until now, it has been painless - fortunately! Last year's was a bit more traumatic experience as I recall it due to the existential ghosts that fly above me all the time. But in this last one, I've felt so far much more resignation of what it is and of how it is. I realize now that even though there are still some missing pieces and some unchangeable others as well, there's no need to worry about them. I feel a bit more tranquil regarding that aspect and acceptance of the facts has become my free floating mantra.

One thing I've noticed though a hint of growing impatience with people. Whenever the opportunity arises, I can throw myself, fangs upfront, to the throat of the unfortunate in turn and leave him until I have satisfied my need for remarking how this or how that that person is (to my eyes, that is). This is nasty, I know and I dislike myself whenever I catch me doing it. I'm working on it, little by little (or at least thi…

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