Laughing Gas

Unfortunately, seems that these series haven't been compiled as a dvd box set yet, so finding this clips in youtube brings such an amazing joy. The Inspector (Clouseau) was part of the Pink Panther Show broadcasted in the late 60's. Every show had 2 PP episodes and one from The Inspector in between them. As far as I remember, everyone of them was really good, not a weak one or a not that funny, all of them were truly gems of cartoon humor.
Above is one of those episodes that through the years have become very hard to forget. In other words, a beauty. I specially enjoy as a madman the scene when they crash their car thanks to a laughing gas cloud above them, and cracking out loud of laughter they recap how many broken bones they have and how deadly painful it is. I'm really glad to have found this one in particular, because the spanish dubbing is amazingly good. I would really like to listen to the original one just to see how well was realized from the beginning (or if it is really true about mexican dubbing). Enjoy...

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