Who knows who's right

Everything has been going fine lately. Although nothing really exciting has occured, life here is good. The only thing is that I'm a little bored. As I'm still going through the trance of finding a good job -internet, newspapers, phone calling, etc, I'm living 24/7 in the apartment. And job hunting is a task for half a day max, so the rest of my days are free for me to do whatever I please. Well, I've been going through my LP collection, some reading and DVD watching, along with several hours in front of my iBook and inet. I began some personal projects (iMovies, GarageBand songs, websites and some flash) along with a cover for my friend's CD. In order to get these going smoothly I bought a DVD burner and 1 Gb memory dimm for my laptop (if Chicken finds out about this I'm doomed!). Also I will take a course in 'Experience Design for Web' at the Emily Carr Institute next July. And my main duty right now is helping Chicken with her new job. It's quite a package and she needs lot of help from me, so you could say that we both work at Ikon. Lots of online training, products, technology, even financial stuff -in which I'm not the one to be leaned on, but on the other side is great opportunity. That's why Chicken hasn't been pushing around with my job searching lately.
Also, I will begin jamming and playing with a mate a met at Craigslist.com. He's an Ontario based bass player that answered my "Black Sabbath, Grand Funk, Blue Cheer, Captain Beyond anyone" posting. As he was about to move to Vancouver he felt somehow attracted to the Geezer/Sascher call in my ad, and we started a series of mails to get to know each other. We even interchange cd's through mail and everything. This next friday will be our first jam in a rehearsal studio 4 blocks from my apartment. The first draft of the Vodka Zonic project. I'm very happy about it, although sometimes I feel a little guilty about my momentarly unemployment state. But as I just said, it is momentarly.

We are here
We are where
We are together and live as one

Doing right
Doing wrong
Who knows who's right
The Answer Lies Beyond...
You and I you know

Look at me
Look and see
You're a leaf in a forest
Praying autumn doesn't come
Look at me
Look and see
I see the world's spins round
Don't let it go

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