Angry Young Man

Friday, March 31, 2006 at 7:40 PM

Just found a new place to live... Unfortunately, I had to move out from the Beresford because of the stupid Gallagher who put me into this unconfortable situation of finding a new job and a new way to get me money... I'm a little sad about it because Yaletown is very neat and I was very used to the lifestyle there, but it's too pricey and I didn't want to take too much risks... It will be only for 1 year, and maybe I can save some money that can help me later even for new projects -rehearsal room!! Anyhoo, that's the way right now how my life is, a little bit of stress and sorrow, but I feel everything is going to align on its path very soon... Overall I'm still feeling a little blurred, a little forced to be misplaced, strange feeling... Angry about having to deal with this situation thanks to a third party that doesn't even imagine what he caused, but... It's alright... Just a little bitter feeling, nothing to worry too much about...

You see the world through your cynical eyes
You're a troubled young man I can tell
You've got it all in the palm of your hand
But your hand's wet with sweat
And your head needs a rest
And you're fooling yourself if you don't believe it

Why must you be such an angry young man
When your future looks quite bright to me
And how can there be such a sinister plan
That could hide such a lamb
Such a caring young man
And you're fooling yourself if you don't believe it
You're killing yourself if you don't believe it
Get up, get back on your feet
You're the one they can't beat and you know it
Come on let's see what you've got
Just take your best shot and don't blow it.

The seeker

Friday, March 24, 2006 at 10:05 PM
I've spent all afternoon behind Sofia, browsing and looking for so many things right now... I feel kinda lost, kinda lonely... and that feeling gets enhanced by my physicall loneliness in which I'm immersed right now, because Chicken is in Mexico -has been there for 3 weeks! So, right now I don't know what else to do... Maybe that's one of the main reasons I decided to start blogging... Also, I've never thought I'd say this, but it's a lonely world and I miss my friends... I miss someone to talk to about regular things, normal and common topics... Everything here is still 'from outside', nothing has come and touched me yet... But, it's my first year, and besides, I'm getting what I was looking for... I'm still looking for my place, here in this country and in this world... I've spent all these days thinking, trying to find me a stable position... I know, it may sound too abstract how I'm telling things, but in the end it's an abstract situation...
Ok, so out for my lunch I go...

I've looked under chairs
I've looked under tables
I've tried to find the key
To fifty million fables

They call me The Seeker
I've been searching low and high
I won't get to get what I'm after
Till the day I die

I asked Bobby Dylan

I asked The Beatles
I asked Timothy Leary
But he couldn't help me either

People tend to hate me

'Cause I never smile
As I ransack their homes
They want to shake my hand

Focusing on nowhere
Investigating miles
I'm a seeker
I'm a really desperate man

I won't get to get what I'm after

Till the day I die

I learned how to raise my voice in anger
Yeah, but look at my face, ain't this a smile?
I'm happy when life's good
And when it's bad I cry
I've got values but I don't know how or why

I'm looking for me

You're looking for you
We're looking in at each other
And we don't know what to do

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