Moloko Vellocet Indeed

Just discovered a few days ago about LEMON Magazine. "LEMON is “Pop Culture With A Twist”: a new breed of magazine that stakes its claim at the intersection of 60s-70s Pop and 21st century hyper-culture. Designed and produced with obsessive attention to every last detail, each issue of LEMON is pure Pop Art."
I was very curious about it, 'cause in this 3rd and most recent issue, superb monster-director Stanley Kubrick is the main topic. Hmmm... two day were how many I could resist the urge to drop by 'my' magazine store -if there was a mag stand who could have it is this one. If they didn't, then i would have to wait for these guys to put out the suscription options (I already had e-mailed them to inquire, hehe). Welly welly well my little droogs, there it was, right in front of me as soon as I walked in. And this was one of those purchases that you don't even want to flip through the pages to get a sneak peek nor a quick glimpse; this one I had to experience it in full wide screen and technicolor. Task that I completed yesterday night.
I must say that I'm so pleased, delighted, and proud of owning this magazine. Apart from the fact that it is an outstandingly great product, written, designed and printed, it has a really amazing research behind it and a powerfull overall force trying to 'push the publication envelope' to the hip-est. Is one of those new things you just can't stop saying 'wow'. And seems that it is done mostly by 2 guys!!
And when I say I feel proud of owning it, I'm refering mostly to the topic of this issue, Kubrick, and the natural emphasis they give to my favourite movie of all time: Clockwork Orange. This zine renewed my vows to such an awesome film, which I have idolized since the first time I saw it, and once again, made me stand up and yell: Yes! THIS IS THE MOVIE!

Oh yeah, right, this blog's title and url... hmm...

Some unknown facts on 2001, The Shinning, Full Metal Jacket, Lolita, etc, even A.I., a 45 rpm Flexi-disc (as the ones found in the Guitar Player back in the 80s), Space Odyssey Comics, Malcom McDowell interview, Wendy Carlos, formerly known as Walter (didn't know that!), comic-styled interviews with Billy Corgan and Goldfrapp, recipee for making a lemon moloko plus beverage, ludwig van, Stefan Butcher from, and some other stuff... All these for $9.95!!
Quite happy and very inspired...

I want to marry a lighthouse keeper
And keep him company.
I want to marry a lighthouse keeper
And live by the side of the sea.
I'll polish his lamp by the light of day
So ships at night can find their way.
I want to marry a lighthouse keeper
Won't that be okay!
We'll take walks along the moonlight bay
Maybe find a treasure too.
I'd love living in a light house,
The dream of living in a lighthouse baby, every single day.
The dream of living in a lighthouse,
the white one by the bay.
So if you want to make my dreams come true,
You'll be a lighthouse keeper too.
We could live in a lighthouse
The white one by the bay,hey hey.
Won't that be okay.
Yada tada ta ta ta.

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