Wednesday, October 31, 2007 at 11:57 AM

Movies, movies, movies... humm, well, the one that comes to mind directly related to witches, witchcraft, demons, evil and 'real' obscure thingies is Haxan, a silent movie from the early days of cinema, portraits stories about the old days in witchcraft. Nice documentary that can be accompanied with your preferred choice of music as soundtrack (personally, I listen to Art Zoyd and UZ).

As a matter of fact, I assisted to a screening at the Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, where this film, and Murnau's Nosferatu and Faust were proyected one each evening, while Art Zoyd (featuring personal hero Daniel Denis from UZ) sonorized and musicallized live the flicks. From any angle seen, it was awesome, one of the coolest things I've witnessed. The theme, the music, the players, the band, the director, the stories, the photography...


  1. bereweber Says:

    oh beto
    this movie sounds like a true cult film, i had NO idea of its existence, thank you thank you thank you for posting this!!!

    it is gray in san diego still so i am sure i can find it at the cult-video store close to home... and with your recommendation of soundtrack, i will watch it hopefully this gray weekend!

    and oh the way you saw these films!!! in Bellas Artes and with live music of Daniel Davies!! why didn't you invite me? ha ha ha, probably you didn't know me then, huh? is the only excuse you have! heh heh

    great post and surely will look for this noir noir as your soul mister-master film!

  2. bereweber Says:

    oh and forgot to mention
    dunno if it's the past Halloween days, but i do really like the Orange background on your page!

  3. berenice Says:

    talking about looks

    this blog is looking sharp!! le cambio usted el style??? ahh muy bien, estoy tomando una clase de CSS a ver si me atrevo a meter mano al blogsillo pues

    hey mister Ground Controlsote, estuve buscando en su pagina de Facebook entre sus friends a la Gaby y no la encontre! no tiene ella paginita del Facebook?? hagale una usted!! saludotes


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