20 years ago

Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 10:16 PM

Yes, I know... again, ages since my last post. The reason? Euh... I guess a lot, being the main one probably just merely amnesia or perhaps I've been distracted by some other shiny things.
So, ok, apparently I'm back on blogging. The reason? (hate to admit it) but the whole Facebook phenomena. Today I found that through your facebook page you can show your updates in your blog and blah blah blah. This, thanks to a mate from my early days that requested votes or something like that for his blog. Then I remembered "I have one, maybe I should do the same -as if somebody would really be interested in reading random nonsense written directly out of my silly little head, of course. BUT the thing is that, yes, I decided I should go back to my posts and share my inner-self with the world.
Also, I would like to note that, even though I'm not that keen about the facebook thingie, lately it has become much more interesting and hmmm... tasty due to the fact that many people from my elementary and junior high have been arising from the underworld. Man, it really is exciting, amazing and a constant turn on to find out about people that spent so many years by your side, even without you actually wanting to or having any control over that. Classmates are like co-workers: people you don't choose or pick from a list in order to be a part of your life. And I'm not saying this with disrespect, I just want to make the point that nobody really chose to be a part of that group of people or generation, it just happened. And now, after 20 or so years from that last day at school, seeing pictures of 'now' and 'then' really makes me shiver and laugh and think and... such an amazing feeling. Seeing my friends and mates as fathers, husbands mothers and/or wives is just crazy. I even heard about some divorce and everything! Fortunately, haven't heard of anybody already in the long trip, its too early I guess. But yes, it has been a wonderful and fresh last few weeks of re-discovering the roots.
And it is thanks to the Facebook! Cheezus!


  1. angelbc Says:

    As a token of appreciation the least you could is put the blog from "the mate of the early days" in your links (LOL). Alas, it is in spanish and I'm not sure that is your target audience. What to do?

    Don't stop writing here. A blog demands time. It's the Law.

    Great knowing there is another madman with a lot of free time on his hands.


  2. berenice Says:

    heck yes!!! glad to know you are back here sharing your really shinny inner-self, i left my silly blog unattended for a while too, but every time i write, i often look here, and today, finally, hoooray! a new post... ah y se ve que el chisme del Facebook está retebueno!! heh heh... i dont' use Facebook 'cause i barely have time to update my silly blog now & then and also with the photos on 23 and working full-time behind a compu, well i must breath fresh air sometimes ;)

    oh but here i always find these dark posts with wonderful cuts of music, or cartoons, or film, always ala darketa, as we like it

    am really excited that you are posting again mister Usted, and know you have some fans around now with your latest song!

    maybe... and now this is a request, we can hear more of your StoneIn project here!

    saluditos (como un chilango muy chido amigo mío dice heh heh) y abrazotes!!

    glad to read you back here!

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