Searchin is an endless...

Yesterday I spent a coupe hours with a new friend I met at my previous job. We got in contact thanks to Zappa and his music, and we started to get along pretty well at the office until the announcement that I was leaving. It was a really nice night, one of those that I've been missing since my relocation to this land. All in between music, beers and most of all good vibrations I finally realized why I didn't fit at Tugboat. Thankfully, I was considered by him too avant-gardish for the approach the agency has right now. That commentary, along with others, took away from me tons of tormenting thoughts I was carrying about my relation with the studio. I'm much more focused and calmed down about it and I think these will help me through my ongoing jog hunting. Back to basics. There's no need to worry. The strange ones are strange wherever they go.

Dancing madly backwards Dancing on a sea Racing on my memories I'm glad I set my dreams
Tip toe, tip toe quickly
Forget about your cares And remember underneath you Is just a sea of air
Wishing on your wishes Landin on a storm Knowing when you are dancing Knowing that's so far
Dance, Dance, faster
Madly dance away Cause remeber underneath you Is just a sea of air
Well, I saw right now, looked at face to face
Don't complain never seems too late No no no no no
Ah, cause I'm not sitting on the golden gate
Love and a peace and war and hate No no no no no
Well, I'm not gonna sit around and wait
All I'm a doing is losing my face Oh no no no
But we're all on station that's for sure
Searchin is an endless Well, there ain't no care Ah, oo

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