The way I feel, it's easy to see

Welly welly well my dear droogies... Finally, it is time for some frivolity and to enjoy a little victory dance. I'm back in business! Just received my new job offer this morning from Rivera Design Group and I'm starting tomorrow. It really is a relief to be back on track.
Many things have happened lately: I'm not playing with the Ontario bass player anymore, instead a couple of rock youngsters are in charge of the string instruments and we're sounding great. Heavy and manly, lots of guts but not punkysh nor metalic. Just plain heavy, distorted and alittle funky if I may add. Seems that the so-called stoner rock is what my music compadres like, as well as other precious things like MrBungle and John Zorn. So, I'm as happy as can be. Hopefully in a near future I can slip in some old stuff.
Concerts. Last week attended a Slayer concert at the GM Place, and some other metal bands we're also playing. Mastodon and Lamb of God were good. It's been ages since the last time I trashed, and I felt good. A little rust and dust doesn't hurt anybody. I took out my Carcass, Coroner, Cathedral, SOD, CannibalCorpse cd's. Yeeaahh!! Rough! I remembered the days when I played the "polkas" with SEMEFO.
The Who is coming in a couple of months. I can't let go that pass me by. Also Medesky Martin & Wood at the Commodore Ballroom in Sept. I'll be there. Also Thee Silver Mr. Zion and the Tra la la Band. And next week in Seattle, at El Corazon: Blue Cheer. Unbelivable
Ren & Stimpy - What can I say? Last Tuesday was a great great day. Not only because my job interview, but also was the day Lost Episodes came out. I'm a fan since 1990 when they came out. In those days, nobody else were watching them or knew who they were (as usual) and my brother and I were silently enjoying the unbelivable things that appeared on screen in the show. As soon as we realized they weren't going to last long on TV, we started recording them. And as predicted, they soon disappeared until years later. now, I've been tracking this episodes since 2003. Finally they're out and let me tell that they are unbelivable. I'm pretty sure many many people will consider them as too much. I think of them as one of my most treasured material possesions along with my Black Sabbath in Paris 1970 video and my Captain Beyond 3-D cover album I found at Lou(s) Records (thanks Major Tom!). R&S LostEpisodes are as heavy as Naked City, Il Balletto di Bronzo, Pasolini or Gaspar NoƩ. Disgusting, filthy, nasty, sick, violent, perverted and hilarious. Long live Ren and Stimpy.
Ok, so I'm out for now. I also have to update the outside looking in!

Let me hear, let me hear the way you feel
I been gone so long, I been riding on a spinning wheel
Flashin' and scratchin', just a-feeling my pulse
Yellin' and screaming and pound on the wall.
Coast to coast I been travelin' and I got to get more
I been up all night just trying to make a score
Hustle it, so fuss it, just make it some chick
Pickin' on dolls and makin' that trick.
She's the piece of heart and I'm screamin' and kickin' it down
Faster and harder, keep on drivin' it down the line
Lookin' for head and feelin' so free
Rubbin' my own in this ecstasy.
Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me if you see
It's the only way, the only way that I want it to be
I can't explain, it's just not fate
I got to keep on, this time I just ain't late.
I hope you understand, I'm in love, I'm in love with you
Give ya anything, anything that I'm able to
The way I feel, it's easy to see
Let me hear the way it oughta be.

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