Thirty five Novembers

Last Saturday was my birthday. The 35th to be more precise. Each time it feels even weirder, I mean, it seems that now I'm a man on the edge of adulthood. And the funniest thing is that, obviously, I don't feel my age. At least my spirit has always been young, but my body has been the one suffering the changes. Fortunately not so many. I've been told that I look younger than 30, and I keep telling my silly joke "At least when I turn 40 I'll look like 30". D'oh! But to be really honest, the issue that gives me the major concern is the fact that, if I count with the fortune of living until 70-80ish, I'm getting somewhere around the middle area. And whenever I remember that macabresque idea, my mind suddenly goes blank and my eyes loose their focal point just to get lost in the immensity of nothingness. A large sigh follows, and a smile. The main thing here is that I'm beginning to feel this utterly need to create and achieve personal goals. Of course I've been doing it, specially these last 2 years, but there are still some things missing. One is, of course, my record. Fortunately, MyxoZoa is going pretty smooth and we are actually working and progressing. I feel that, finally, a recording is about to be born, and that makes me really glad. Other creative achievements to pursue are the graphic related ones which I've been delaying, not sure the reason why, but haven't done my trademark weirdenesses in a long time. Better begin with them before it's too late.

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