Three little bops

Friday, November 10, 2006 at 5:24 PM

Take a look to what I've just found. Another real jewel of animation. It was really difficut to find, and probably wasn't posted until recently, but certainly is one of the best cartoons I saw as a kid. Even now I still find it great and really upbeat. The 2 highlights, according to me, are when the wolf first appears dancing and singing 'Hoo pa-boo! Hoo pa-boo!', that's unbeatable and an overall classic. And the other one is also with the big bad one dressed with a fur coat and playing an ukulele. Please, forget about everything for 5 minutes (7 to be more accurate) pump the volume up and enjoy!

1 Responses to Three little bops

  1. bereweber Says:

    & finally took those 5... more like 7 minutes and enjoyed! heh heh, yes upbeat! nice! and the big bad wolf appears with his red red eyes (right before the Hoopa-boo) and he has to get 'hot to play cool'... ah nada como 'las caris' para curar las heridas de amor, ha ha... y celebrando esta noche un catálogo 'sent to print' work done = relief, ah! i know you understand well, buenas noches ground control :)

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