Again, ages since my last post. Probably I couldn't find any interesting thing to comment on. Probably I haven't yet. Ha! Well, the only thing I can write about that comes easily to my mind is COW. 31 years old bass player - vocals from Ontario who's very fond and oriented to new sounds and new alternative heavy bands like Shellac, Slint, GYBE, Mogwai, Melvins, etc., multi-talented and with lots of sense and feel when it comes to playing. Loves to jump out of the traditional and instead embraces the noisy experimentation ala Sonic Youth as well as non-expected lines and patterns to counterpoint and/or complement the guitar line at the moment. He also loves heavy doom stuff. Then, 21 years old guitar player - vocals, originally from Russia, moved to Toronto and recently settled in Vancouver also. Intense and passionate, King Crimson and Zappa are in his top list along with many others. Hungry for new music to learn from, also very talented, has a constant eruption of fresh ideas and new lines to add to the bands newly-born catalogue. Quite impressive guitar soloing skills and lots of theory and technical know-how are also in his personal repertoire. He loves hard rock music. And then comes the 35 years old mexican drummer recently relocated also to Vancouver. Wouldn't be proper to talk about skills and capabilities but what I can say is about the ideas and concepts in which he bases all his playing and overall music orientation: he's a true believer of the kind of manly rock that can grab you and won't let you go, the soulful rock that leaves a pleasant aftertaste and willingness for 'one more'. Late 60's early 70's rock aficionado, he can also be energized by stoner as well as progressive, canterbury, krautrock, trash and even lots of classic rock. His favorite drummers come from a wide range of genres: Bobby Caldwell, Daniel Denis, Keith Moon, Christian Vander, etc. He loves to play drums, rock drums. They all have been playing together for the last 5-6 months, and been trying to find the perfect balance between their individual and group sound. As once mentioned before, there has not yet been a bad jam, or even a soft one. Every time something good comes out of the rehearsals. Specially a satisfaction feeling in the three members, which leads to look forward for next session in order to keep on working with the ideas. Hopefully a gig can be arranged soon, and in order to do that more compositions and tightening practices should be the homework. One thing I can say with all certainty, we all three are very excited about COW. And for once, I do believe in my band.

How many time can they
Fill me with lies and I listen again

Twisting the truth and they're
Playing around with my head OK

The things they will do and
The things they will say
When they don't really understand

Tears fill my eyes when
Hear all the cries
For the reason today

And they don't really know

Even what they're talking about

And I can't imagine
What empty heads can achieve

Leave me alone

Don't want you promises no more

'Cause rock 'n roll
Is my religion and my law
Won't ever change

May think it's strange

I'm born to rock 'n roll
I'm here to stay.....yeah!!!

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