So, again, it's been ages since last time... Between being busy with money-work, summer guests, and trying to keep things together I've forgotten all about the moloko vellocet thing -not to mention the sneak peek site!
Well, hmmm, where should I begin... COW: After a 3 month period of stand-by due to Greg's trip to the land of the rising sun, we're finally back together playing and trying to come with a couple of things worth for recording in a quite soon moment. Unfortunately for COW (but fortunately for him, Jenn and their soon-to-come newly-born Eva), Kris is moving back to the East Coast next January, so that implies for the band to move faster and with much more precision if we want to record something -which is my main objective. In order to do so, I have just gotten, as part of my toy collection, a shiny Roland VS880EX Digital Recorder from Kevin, who had it at the bottom of his office below a thick layer of dust. With it, I intend to do a decent 8-track live recording which is going to be poured into my iBook and mixed with Logic. AND if everything works as planned, maybe we can do something with that audio, I don't see why not. Of course it won't be a hi-res professional surround multi-layered recording and so and so, but if I can make it sound as any krautrock album from the 70's I'll be very pleased. And the best thing of it, is that at least I will stop loosing so many great music and performances.
Well, enough for the moment. Stay tuned, whomever the ferocious reader of my nonsense is, more to come...

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