Folkish romance

Monday, October 29, 2007 at 12:45 PM
Just wanted to throw a couple lines here before I forget about this great movie I just saw for the second time almost by accident. It's not my kind of flick, I know, but same thing happened with Amelie. Yes, this is a musical, and yes, it is about some kind of romance, but what makes it actually good and interesting (at least for me) is that they get together because they both are amateur musicians and almost without wanting it, they connect deeply through the simplicity of their shared music. For me, there are 2 moments on the film that are really worthy: when they jam for the first time at the music shop, and the first take of the first song in the studio. Those 2 moments really reached me, and the funniest part is that the music is not even close to the kind I like -it's folk!
Oh, and the spoiler: they don't stay together, which made the movie even better...


  1. bereweber Says:

    ha ha love your little review
    and the spoiler too!
    "...they don't stay together, which made the movie even better..."
    ja! it had to have some bitter moment to reach your dark heart, huh? heh heh
    thanks for the recommendation! another one to the list :)

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